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     Fresh out of college, Logan James begins a promising accounting career in Valdosta, Georgia. And he does so completely alone. His life thus far has been plagued by tragedy and the loss of everyone he’s ever loved.

     But then a persuasive Italian stranger, Maximillian Grati, appears from out of nowhere. Grati lures Logan into a dark career as a mercenary. He promises Logan great wealth, the chance to utilize his festering anger to kill the worst of the criminal world, and the future opportunity to exact revenge for his fiancé’s mysterious death.

     In exchange, Logan must maintain a strict code of silence about his job and employer, avoid dating anyone from outside Grati’s company, Grati Protection Services (GP$), and can’t leave GP$ for many years to come.

     Logan convinces himself riches, revenge, and not loving anyone ever again will finally bring him happiness. But, he hadn’t counted on meeting Tiffany Harris in his new, serene Gulf of Mexico hometown of Rosemary Beach, Florida. Her captivating beauty, intense passion, and unadulterated love force Logan to question everything he thought he wanted and pursue this forbidden goddess.

     He falls head over heels in love with Tiffany despite his employer’s admonishment. But, can he really choose love and leave GP$ behind to risk losing her, too? Or will tragedy, loss, and his shadowy employer control him the rest of his life?

the One

Ethan Phillips is a successful hedge fund manager with the perfect wife.  He's convinced she is the only woman meant for him. However, his faith in her proves unfounded as he discovers her treachery has no limits. Inconsolable from his pain, he abandons love and relationships and believes he has become impervious to love's reach. Ethan discovers though, that a higher power and two extraordinary men would not allow him to abandon love so easily.  He is then led on a journey of true connection, raw and unbridled passion, and a love beyond measure. But can Ethan trust this new path and is it too good to be true?  Will this relationship disappear just like the first?
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